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Grant Details  
Funding Instrument Type : Grant Applications Due Date : 04/14/2009
Funding Activity Category : Science and Technology and other Research and Development Post Date : 01/20/2009
No Of Awards : 4 Archive Date : 05/14/2009
Estimated Funding : $ 2,700,000 Location : None
Award Ceiling : None Office : Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Award Floor : None CFDA Number : 12.42
Agency Mailing Address : CDMRP Helpdesk
Agency Contact : PA HELP: 301-619-7079; cdmrp.pa@amedd.army.mil
eReceipt HELP: 301-682-5507; help@cdmrp.org
Funding Opp Title : DOD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Idea Development Award
Funding Opp Number : W81XWH-09-TSCRP-IDA
Funding Opp Description : The TSCRP Idea Development Award (IDA) mechanism was first offered in FY02. Since that time, 108 IDA applications have been received, and 25 have been recommended for funding. The IDA supports high-impact, innovative research that will drive the field forward. Important aspects of the IDA are as follows:
1. Impact: The proposed research should have a significant impact on the concepts or methods that drive the field of TSC research. The proposed research is expected to make an important and original contribution to advancing TSC research or patient care.
2. Innovation: Research deemed innovative may represent a new paradigm, challenge existing paradigms, or look at existing problems from new perspectives. Research may be innovative in study concept, research methods or technology, clinical interventions, or adaptations of existing methods or technologies. Research that represents an incremental advance on previously published work is not considered innovative.
3. Preliminary Data: Preliminary data originating from the PI, research team, or collaborator that is relevant to the proposed project are required.
DOD Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Idea Development Award 3
Clinical trials are not allowed under this award mechanism. Principal Investigators (PIs) wishing to apply for funding for a clinical trial should utilize the Clinical and Translational Research Award mechanism. See the Program Announcement for the full Funding Opportunity Description.
Eligibility Category : 99 - Unrestricted
Additional Eligibility Info : Not Available
Obtain Funding Opp Text : Not Available
Applications Due Date Explanation :
Cost Sharing : N
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