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Breakthrough Innovation in Federal Business Intelligence


  1. Key Advantages of using FEDMINE:

  2. Easy to Use - intuitive with deep levels of actionable information 

  3. Short Learning Curve - a few hours, no more. You are bound to wonder why this was not done before

  4. Quickly Identify Competition - by Agency, Bureau, Contracting Office, Industry Sector, Geographic Location, all with drill down to their daily refreshed contracts

  5. Analyze Parent Contractor Subsidiaries -  all from the parent profile screen with rapid drill down to individual transactions 

  6. Find Teaming Partners /Incumbents - by looking at their top contracts at each agency, historical trend analysis, top NAICS and PSC categories by Socio Status and Geographic Location.

  7. Research Market Segments - by Top Contractors in each Industry Sector by Organization Type and Socio Status

  8. Analyze Categories of Competition - for each Competitor and Partner

  9. Visualize Federal Markets -  using MyFEDCONNECT© to augment strategic business development for timely capture planning of federal market segments.

  10. Discover Exhibit 53 IT Investments - pertinent to your core competencies in a cross-linked fast mini database utility

  11. Quickly Access - interconnected information from aggregated data sources, such as FPDS Contract Actions, GSA data, GAO Protests, FBO and Grants

  12. View Expiring Contracts - IDV, GSA Schedules, BPAs, Task Orders, GWAC  Contracts (like Seaport, Alliant, Networx, etc.) by Agency and Contract issue year, Socio Status and more

  13. Access over 65,000 contacts - with full contact information including email addresses refreshed daily


  1. FEDMINE™  is a unique application suite that provides the empowering actionable business intelligence on Federal Agencies and Prime Contractors with timely insights required for sustaining success in the federal sector.

  2. FEDMINE.US™ Seamlessly Aggregates up-to-date contract data from numerous government sources and makes it available to subscribers via a powerful, intuitive user interface that is at the fore front of today’s technology. 

  3. FEDMINE.US™ is Updated Daily with timely information that helps puts you in control of your business. Knowing what and when you need to know is key to sustaining success.

  4. Dynamic Multi-Level Drill-Down from across 6 Years of comparative data allows you to view the level of detail you need to make smart business decisions

  5. Quick Knowledge on Large and Small Prime Contractors performing previously awarded contracts with dominant positions in key market segments eases partnering and competitive positioning strategies decisively.

“Companies who sell into the federal government, businesses who seek partnerships with those federal vendors, and agencies who purchase from these firms all reap immense benefits when using FEDMINE™ ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             © FEDMINE™ All Rights Reserved



  1. Federal Business Opportunities integrated with FPDS-NG, GAO, OMB, GSA data and one-click links to all decision makers by industry sector, agency, and Contracting Office

  2. Grants Opportunities from

  3. Comparative 6-Yr Federal Contractor Profiles for each government prime contractor

  4. Competitive Profiles by market share, subsidiary market size, breakdown by NAICS and PSC codes, Contracting Office, IDV Contracts & GSA Schedules

  5. Agency contracting data in comparative 6-Yr views with dynamically generated graphs, full on screen drill down capabilities

  6. Federal Expenditures By Contracting Office nested by NAICS, PSC Codes with one-click analysis of contracts by Socio Status and geographic Location

  7. Individual IDV (IDIQ), GSA, BPA, GWAC Award Transactions with full details by Company

  8. Federal Contract Actions By State, County, nested Congressional Districts & Agencies

  9. FY 09 IT Spending Initiatives (Exhibit 53)

  10. TOP 100 Contractor Reports for all agencies, by Bureau, Socio Status, and Contracting Office

  11. And a library of over 7,500 Reports



  1. FEDMINE.US™ updates several hundred thousand records daily!   Its speed and performance is unmatched in the industry because:

  2. A modern database architecture deploys  the latest web services to obtain data from disparate government data sources, cleanses and normalize the data before populating and optimizes it across hundreds of tables.

  3. Cutting edge technology powers the front-end application making possible a wide variety of reports that would typically cost time and money for manual creation of static versions.

  4. Use of the latest open source technology enables rich features that enhance the user experience with greater affordability.



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When we know where the government is spending its money, and who are the companies winning that business, and which contracting offices are issuing those opportunities, and if we can do this sustainably, we have business intelligence.                           

                                               -- Ashok Mehan